Patch Server for Jamf Pro

An open-source implementation of an external patch source for use with Jamf Pro (version 10.2+).

Managing Your Patch Server

User Interface


In a browser, the root of the patch server will take you to the main page where you can view and manage the available software titles.

Upload a New Software Title

Click the New Title button to bring up the file selector. Browse for the JSON file of the patch definition and then click Upload.


You will recieve a confirmation of a successful upload.


Upload Errors

If the patch server rejects your upload of a patch definition, it will provide a notification with the reason so you can correct the cause and retry.

There is a conflict with an existing software title.


The patch definition failed validation, but the cause is displayed.


Update a Title’s Version

Click the green Up icon for a title to display a file prompt. Select the JSON file containing the new version data and submit it.


You will receive a confirmation of a successful upload.


You will also receive similar feedback for errors as with creating new titles.

Other Title Actions

There are additional actions available for each software title.

  • The blue View icon will take you to the URL of the patch definition JSON.
  • The red X icon will delete the title from the server.


The delete action cannot be undone.

Backup Patch Definitions

Click the Backup button and you will download a zipped archive of all patch definitions for all your software titles.


This is a feature of the API that you can use with automation for scheduled backups of the server.



The patch server can send notifications on changes to software titles on the server to remote servers via HTTP POST. To configure a webhook, click the New Webhook button to bring up the configuration screen. Enter the remote URL and select from the available options:

  • Enabled: Enable or disable this webhook.
  • Verify SSL: Enable or disable SSL verification (HTTPS).
  • Send Definition: When an event is sent, include a fully copy of the entire patch definition for the software title.